Hajj And Umrah

The Four Obligatory Actions to be done on 10th Zul Hijjah

The Four Obligatory Actions to be done on 10th Zul Hijjah.

1. Rami (Pelting the stones)
2. Sacrifice
3. Shaving or shortening the hair
4. Tawaaf -e-Ifaadah and Sa’ee

17. Rami: After sunrise face towards Jamrah, Mina must be on your right side and Makkah on your left. (Sahih Muslim). At Jamrah e Kubra throw seven stones one after another by saying Allaahuakbar and then stop saying Talbiyah. And Before Sunrise stoning at the Jamarah is prohibited (Tirmidhi). But it is permissible to stone the Jamarah from Afternoon to night.1 *Only pebbles are to be thrown on the Jamaraath, other things should not be thrown. It is sufficient that it falls in the pit and it is not necessary for it to hit the pillar.

18. Sacrifice: After Stoning at Jamrah –e-Aqbah perform sacrifice and if possible, cook and eat some of it.2 Give the meat to poor’s and the downtrodden. “…then eat from them and feed the needy and the beggar.3

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Seven people can sacrifice in one camel or a cow. If you cannot afford the animal for sacrifice, then fast for Three days during the Hajj and after returning to home fast for seven days.1 *For Hadie, a coupon could be purchased from the Ar-Rajhi Bank or any other
government approved agency.

19. Shaving or Shortening the hair: After sacrificing the animal shave your head or go for a Hair Cut and Take off the Ihrams and wear normal clothes. Shaving the Head is a superior action, but cutting the hair is also permissible. Shaving or Hair cut should be begun from the Right side.2

20. Tawaaf-e-Ifaadah and Sa’ee: Perform Tawaf-e-Ifazah or Ziyarah by going to Makkah from Mina. (It is not proven to perform Iztebaa and Ramal in Tawaf-e-ifazah so do not perform, but after 7 circumambulation 2 Raka’h Salah is proven. So, after performing Tawaf-e-Ifazah offer 2 Raka’h Salah), Drink Zamzam and pour some on your head. Later Perform Sa’ee of Mount Safa and Mount Marwa and come back to Mina from Makkah.3

Note: If any of the above actions are done in random way, there is nothing wrong in it. If you miss the sequence or order of the above actions, it is not at all necessary to perform Dum (Sacrificing a sheep).4

Note: The obligations of wearing Ihram will be finished as soon as the stoning at Jamrah E Kubra. Even now the person who is performing Hajj cannot have intercourse with his wife. Once done with Tawaf, Ziyarath and Sa’ee the man can have intercourse with his wife. (Albani)

According to another view, out of the 4 actions on the 10th of Zul Hijjah, it will be allowed to remove the ihram and wear normal clothes after performing any two actions. Moreover, after doing the last action, his wife becomes permissible for him to have sexual intercourse. (Ibn Baaz)5

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Note: It is better to stay away from difference of opinion, and one must remove Ihram, only after performing two actions. If a person removes Ihram, after performing only one action, then he need not give any penalty since according to Shaykh Albani, only one act is required to remove Ihram. However, the wife becomes permissible for sexual intercourse only after the 4 actions are performed and there is no difference of opinion regarding it.

Note: It should be taken care of that the Ihram should be removed and were normal
clothes after pelting the stones on 10th. Due to late night if one is not able to perform
Tawaf -e-Ziyarath or Ifaadah, in this case he should perform Tawaf in Ihram. After Tawaf E Ziyarath you can take off the Ihram and were your normal clothes.1

Note: (According to some scholars, After Magrib if someone performs Tawaf-eZiyarath in his normal clothes, it is permissible because wearing Ihram for second time is not compulsory.) Allaah knows the Best.

1 Hajjatun Nabi LilAlbani, 1/78, Abo Dawood 1999, Sahih Bukhari 5930, Sahih Muslim 1189


11th /12th / 13th Zil-Hijjah

21. The nights of Aayam e Tashreeq (11th /12th/ 13th Zil Hijjah) should be spent at Mina and daily after Midday you have to stone (Rami) the Jamrae Oola, Jamrae Wusta and Jamrae Aqbah.1

22. After stoning the Jamrae Oola and Jamrae Wusta, face towards Qibla and supplicate a lot. But after stoning the Jamrae Aqbah without supplicating you need to turn back.2

* If any person is in doubt about the number of stones, he/she hit, then he should considerer whatever number he is sure about and continues the stoning.

23. If possible, during your stay in Mina perform Tawaf daily.3 Offer congregational Salah in the masjid e Khaif (In Masjid E Khaif 70 Prophets had offered Salah) (Al mukhtarutu liz ziyao’ol muqdasi, with good Chain)4 Keep saying Takbeer, Tahleel and praise of Allaah. Try to Repent, seek forgiveness and supplicate a lot.5

24. On 12 Zil Hijjah if you are willing to Return from Mina, Start off before sunset. If the sunset happens before starting from Mina, then perform stoning of Devil on 13th of Dhul Hijjah, post noon.6

Tawaaf e Wida

25. On 13th Zil Hijjah, return from Mina to Makkah. After reaching Makkah you have to perform Tawaf E Wida before starting off to home.7

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Opinion One: Some Pilgrims go to Jeddah or other places after their Hajj, so they should perform the Tawaaf e Wida before leaving Makkah and going to Jeddah. Once, they are returning home, then they should perform Tawaaf e Wida again. (Shaykh Anees ur Rahman Aazmi )

Opinion Two: According to Shaykh Waseeullah Abbas, if he is going to Jeddah and there is a certainty that he will return to Makkah, then he will perform Tawaaf e Wida only after returning from Jeddah since it requires a certain and sure exit from Makkah to warrant Tawaaf e Wida. Since the word which has been used is “Nafar” which alludes to a certain exit from Makkah and going to Jeddah and then coming back is not a certain exit.

Note: Menstruating women will not perform Tawaf E Wida , It is exceptional for them.1

Note: It is permissible to join Tawaf E Ziyarath and Tawaf E Wida if there is less gap between them.

Note: For the acceptance of Hajj you need not to Visit Madina and it is not an obligation to fulfill the Hajj. we strongly recommend the Haajis to Visit Madina. One should not miss the reward of visiting Madina. The Haajis should try to grab the reward of visiting Madina. But the people who think that the Hajj is not valid or complete without visiting Madina is a wrong and proof-less belief.

1 Sahih Muslim 1328




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