Hajj And Umrah

Hajj & Umrah checklist

Hajj Checklist

1. On the 8th of Zil Hijjah, have you worn the Ihram for Hajj? (Either from your place or from Miqaath)

2. After making the Intention of the Hajj in your Heart, have you said the words “Allaahuma Labbaika Hajjan”? (Here I am, O Allaah, for ‘Hajj) Keep on reciting the Talbiyah continuously.

3. Have you offered Zohar Salah at Mina shortened? (In the same way offer the
remaining Salah on time)

4. Have you spent night 9 th of Zil Hijjah’s at Mina?

5. Did you leave on 9th Zul Hijjah after Sunrise from Mina to Arafah by saying Talbiyah, Takbeer and Tahleel (La Ilaha IllAllaah).

6. Did you listen to the Imam Khutba in the ground of Arafah in Zohar? (If possible)

7. Did you offer Zohar and Asr one after the other by shortening them?

8. Did you supplicate abundantly on the day of Arafah?

9. After performing Zohar and Asr Salah at Arafah, did you direct yourself towards Qiblah and supplicate a lot?

10. After sunset without offering Magrib Salah, did you start off to Muzdalifa along with reading the Talbiyah?

11. At Muzdalifa, did you offer Magrib and Isha Salah together, shortened?

12. Did you spend this night by sleeping at Muzdalifa?

13. Did you, on 10th Zil Hijjah before sunrise, start off from Muzdalifa to Mina by saying the Talbiyah repeatedly?

14. After sunrise, did you stone, 7 stones at Jamrah Uqbah (Big one) [This is known as Rami]?

15. Did you, after Rami (Stoning of the Jamarat) offer sacrifice?

16. After sacrifice, Did the men shave their Head and the women cut an inch of their hair? Did you change your Ihram with your normal clothes?

17. Did you go from Mina to Makkah and perform Tawaf-e-Iffadah, Drink Zamzam, perform Sa’ee and come back to Mina?

18. Did you spend 11th, 12th and 13th Nights in Mina and daily after the sunrise you have to stone the three Jamarat?

19. Did you, on 12th Zil Hijjah, before sunset start off to Mina? Or spend the 13th Zil Hijjah night at Mina, after Fore Noon perform Rami and start off from Mina?

20. Did you before leaving Makkah did you offer the Farewell Tawaf (Tawaf-eWada)?

Umrah Checklist

1. Have you reached the Meeqaat and in a state of purity made an Intention for Umrah by saying: “Allaahumma labbaik umrah” (Here I am, O Allaah, for Umrah)?

2. Have you worn the Ihram? It is hoped that all its etiquettes are kept in mind.

3. Do you remember the Talbiyah? “Laabaik Allaahumma Labbaik. Labbaaik la Sharika Laka Labbaik. Innal Hamda Wan Ne’mata Laka Wal mulk la sharika lak. (Here I am, O Allaah, here I am. Here I am, you have no partner, here I am. Verily all praise and blessings are Yours, and all sovereignty, you have no partner)

4. Have you read the Dua and following the etiquettes of entering the Masjid-eHaraam?

5. Before beginning the first Tawaf (Known as Tawaaf-e-Qudoom) do not forget to uncover your right shoulder (idhtiba).

6. Have you kissed or touched or directed your Hand towards “Hajr-e-Aswad” (Black Stone) before beginning the Tawaf of Kabah?

7. Did you do the Ramal? (Walking fast in first three circumambulation (Tawaf)) Note that it is only for men to walk fast, not for Women.

8. Have you offered two Raka’h Salah after the completion of seven Circumambulations? (Remember that there is no particular Dua during the
circumambulations of the Kaaba as per Quran and Sahih Hadith, But you can recite Quranic Dua;s and supplicate Dua’s of Prophet Mohammed [صلى الله عليه وسلم ([We hope that you are reciting “Rabbana Aatina Fid-Duniya Hasanataw Wa Fil Aakhirathi Hasanataw wa Qina AzaBan Naar” (Our Lord, give us in this world [that which is] good and in the Hereafter [that which is] good and protect us from the punishment of the Fire) in between Rukn E Yamani aur Hajr e Aswad.

9. After the completion of the 7 circumambulations of Kaaba, do not forget to offer two Raka’h Salah behind the Maqaam-e-Ibraheem if possible or any other place in the mosque. Did you drink Zamzam after Salah?

10. Did you make sure that After beginning Sa’ee from Mount Safa you have completed 7 circumambulations? Do not forget the etiquettes and supplications during the Sa’ee. Men should walk fast within the boundaries of green lights

11. After Sa’ee, the Men should shave their Head and for Women it is enough to
cut an inch of their Hair.




Abu ‘Ubaydah ibn al-Jarraah
رصي الله عنه

The Prophet (ﷺ) said Abu ‘Ubaydah ibn al-Jarraah will be in Paradise….

Sa’eed ibn Zayd
رصي الله عنه

The Prophet (ﷺ) said Sa’eed ibn Zayd will be in Paradise….